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Jul. 31st, 2008 @ 03:43 pm oh shucks
well, darn, she was booked.  She recommended this guy, and his stuff looks pretty good as well, so we'll see what he says. :(  
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Feb. 27th, 2008 @ 10:12 pm what more needs to be said?
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Jan. 28th, 2008 @ 08:41 pm lots of lemons!
I just picked the last lemons off my tiny lemon tree in a pot. It had 43 lemons this year! That's a lot to live up to next year, I hope the rain doesn't wash off all the blossoms. But I like the rain, it hasn't rained like this for a few years now, so it's nice. But cold. ah well.

James and I drove down to San Diego this Saturday. My mom and dad were in town for a school nurses' convention, and they came with us to the zoo, which was fun! lots of baby animals, although the baby panda, while really small and potentially cute, slept up in a tree, partly obscured by leaves, and didn't move in the whole 5 hours we were at the zoo. Have to go back when it's older and hopefully more active. We got a membership, so yay free admission! (it was cheaper for 4 people to get a membership for $80, because it comes with two free passes that you can use right then.) We also ate a free dinner at the conference. Well, the food wasn't as bad as it could have been, but they had a Chico's fashion show, which kinda shows you the demographics :P

I taught 7th grade girls sex ed last week. I actually had to organize the session, so I was making copies and such that day. It went pretty well. We're studying Reproduction this unit, so everything was definitely fresh in my mind. The poor little girls were all trying to tear a tampon apart to convince themselves it wouldn't get stuck! (they couldn't, so hopefully they won't be scared of them!)

Other than that, I've been going to the gym much more frequently for the past two weeks with a girl at school, just doing the cycling classes, since they're mindless enough so I don't have to burn precious brain energy (like the one disastrous step class, where my mild dyslexia became. . . quite evident. . . ) Hopefully we'll keep it up!

Hope everyone is doing well, I'll be up in the bay area next weekend for James' company party, they're putting us up Saturday night in a hotel in Burlingame, so maybe we could say hi for a bit either Saturday afternoon or sometime Sunday (lunch maybe?). Lemme know!
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Dec. 24th, 2007 @ 02:16 am 24 on the 24th
Yay! Thanks everyone for coming over and making truffles, it was lots of fun as always, I hope you guys enjoyed it. :) I think we made probably around 1,000. you may be getting more on New Years. And this year I took notes so that we'll try and avoid squishy ones next year. And the raspberry was fine this year, so nyhere XP I didn't have to be on iron chef either to get it right >_<

Yay! it's my birthday! I is oldz.

WTF? itz my birfday
moar funny pictures

hopefully my brother doesn't help like he used to :P

is mah birfday where r caek, dammit!?
moar funny pictures

but, I still have to make my cake tomorrow. It will involve fondant and dragees, and will put the ace of cakes to shame, in my dreams ^_^

I also love the Davy Jones lolcat, made my 5 minutes. :)
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Dec. 18th, 2007 @ 04:15 pm The annual pre-Christmas sucky time
you'd think that after 6 years of it, I'd get used to having finals right before Christmas. but I haven't. It still sucks! :( But I'll be done Thursday night! woohoo!

Truffles Saturday! at perhaps, 2? Dinner will be served, and bring games! Anyone have Rock Band? James just got it this weekend, but the guitar broke :( anyone have Xbox guitars we can borrow? O:) lemme know! it's really fun! our band name is "Two Dollar Mullet", and Mikey's our singer, and Melody's our drummer :P I like making the characters, it's so fun!

Flavors: most all the suggestions made the cut.
Meyer Lemon
Pop Rock
Caramel Fleur-de-Sel

my mint and raspberry oils are lost somewhere in USPS land. . .thanks amazon :( I hope they get there in time, they're currently slated for the 24th, which is great if they were a Christmas present! :(

We've been pretty busy the last couple weeks. First, I stabbed my left pinky with my global knife, stupidly trying to separate frozen salmon. Luckily James came home literally 2 minutes after it happened and took me to the ER to get stitched up. I missed orchestra rehearsal because of it, which was bad, because we had a concert that weekend! But I tied myself to my horn and was able to play, thank goodness, because we did Tchaik 4 and I had a big solo. My parents came down for that, it was fun. that same week, I put on a mentorship dinner for our American Medical Women's Assoc., where we had some women docs come and talk with the 1st and 2nd years, which was fun. Also put on another anatomical figure drawing workshop, where I did some nice portraits of this old wrinkly dude who said on the phone that he was "lean and well defined", well, that was a joke, but at least we were only doing portraits! James and I also went to the "LA Chocolate Salon" because it was in Pasadena, and we could walk to it. Basically you paid $17.50 and got all you could eat chocolates and some wine. Like really tasty chocolates, really amazing, from lots of different vendors, but sadly, you can only eat so much chocolate, and I finally found my limit!

Last night I went to James' company Christmas dinner, which was kinda fun. It made me feel grown up, going to a company party at an expensive restaurant. I sat next to the president's wife and chatted with her pretty much the whole time, she likes cooking and gardening, so we had something in common. But still had to study after, which was sad. :(

I can't wait for this test to be over and to come home!
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Dec. 8th, 2007 @ 01:30 am Golden Compass Movie Mini Rant--Quality not Content Spoiled
Mrs. Gidlund, from 6th grade, she apparently saw my mom this week and said "I bet Angelina's excited that the Golden Compass movie comes out this week!" Yup, apparently I really liked that book, so much that she remembers it 13 years later. . . has it really been that long? I'm beginning to realize that I am an adult now, and it's a bit scary. . .

Just saw the Golden Compass movie. . . my advice, go to a matinée and have low expectations. I went with a couple people who had never read the books, and they were pretty much lost and called it the worst movie they'd seen in a while. . . me personally, I'm conflicted. I wanted to like the movie so bad, being so invested in the books, that trying to see it for what it is was hard. So many parts of it are done so well, with so much attention to detail, that I really just want to kill whoever did the editing. Seriously. Like a slow and painful death. What were they thinking?!? But so many scenes were good, or had the potential to be, and the CG and sets are really amazing. They also explain too much, if that's possible. Part of the fun of the books is discovering things, like that daemons are your soul, does it really need to be stated in a voiceover in the first minute? Apparently it does. Where's the mystery!?! Don't those people get it, it's the unknown that drives people to keep caring about things, science, medicine, reading, UFOs, relationships, God. You can't just tell them, you have to pick one--if you're telling a story, you can tell it simply because there are no visuals to create details, the details are in the mind of the listener. I recently re-read the "Madeline" children's book, and I was struck by how little was actually written and how simple the drawings were, because in my mind, they were so much more because of my imagination. But if your medium is pictures, it behooves you to create the story through scenes, to let the viewer catch the narrative, to let them have those "ahah" moments, to lead them along. Why did people really like "The 6th Sense", it's because the viewer was led along with certain assumptions and then had those challenged by what they *saw*. Novels accomplish a mixture because they are able to paint pictures based on the reader's imagination. Bad novels tell you straight up what's happening, without leading you along. it's "they went to the castle" versus "As the crossed the verdant valley, a lone spire peeked out from beyond a distant ridge, its blue pennant snapping gaily in the breeze, seemingly welcoming them home after their long absence" or something. I don't write for a living. But I wish I edited films, so I could have saved my paragon of modern literature from a hack job it didn't deserve.
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Nov. 27th, 2007 @ 10:36 pm Happy belated Thanksgiving!
okie everyone, what are your favorite truffle flavors? which ones do you want to see this year? I know I ask this every year, but I forget, plus you might have new suggestions! lemme know!

In other news I cut my pinkie finger on my left hand making dinner today. Pretty much stabbed it sideways with my global knife. ouch. James came home within 3 minutes of it happening, so he took me to the ER and I got two stitches to hold it all together. I probably could have been macho and not gotten stitches, but hopefully it will heal better and faster because of it. Sadly, I missed most of orchestra rehearsal, just making the 4th movement of Tchaik 5 (missing my solo in the 2nd movement!) I really should've been there, since I missed last week too and the concerts are this weekend. oops. at least it was my pinkie and not any other finger on my left hand, which I need to play :P

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, though. It was a long drive up to Salt Lake City, but on the way up we stayed in Vegas at TI, which was decently nice. Went to this izakaya place off the strip for dinner, which was fun and cheap. The hotel gave us $20 free gambling money for staying there, $15 in restaurant gift certificates and $10 in starbucks coupons, so that was nice that we didn't have to spend money for drinks, breakfast and won some money at the slot machines :) Thanksgiving itself was very low-key, I just helped peel potatoes, James' mom is a kitchen powerhouse, things just appear like magic! (or she made them while we were sleeping in? :P ) it was sooooo cold there! in the 30's during the day! and so dry. But no snow! so we couldn't go skiing. Friday was James' sister's birthday, she turned 6, that was a lot of fun. Went and saw Enchanted that evening, it was so cute! made me want to sing and wear a princess dress. awwwww. Saturday we went ice skating at the olympic speed skating track, where his sister takes lessons, and that was fun! It was pretty long, and we did lots of laps, but sadly did not see Apollo Ono, who trains there :P That was my fitness for the entire weekend. Then we watched a football game, something I rarely do, so basically I veged for 5 hours on the couch (including TV afterwards) blobtacular! Sunday we went to mass at a Catholic church (since James' parents are pretty devout Catholics) it was a bit different, since they have all the peculiar customs that are hard for me to imitate. kneeling was hard, since my thighs were so tired from skating the day before! We went to Park City, and since there was no snow, went outlet shopping. ^_^; Monday we drove back, listening to "The Rule of Four" on CD (copied from the South Jordan library :P ) today I really didn't want to go to school. that's the problem with vacations, you want more! I did miss all you guys though!

please don't forget to tell me the flavors you want!
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Nov. 16th, 2007 @ 03:51 pm high on life, srsly
done with another section, this time it was pulmonary. Test was so poorly written I tried to kill the system chair who wrote it with my evil eye daggers as he walked away from us at lunch. Sadly, I failed. Still passed, but what a random test!

In other news, I re-read the Golden Compass, in preparation for the movie coming out Dec. 7th (but of course you already have that on your calendars ) and wow, his writing really is amazing. I tried to do a close reading, really paying attention to say, sentence structure and character descriptions, rather than just "skim-reading", as I often do (especially when studying, but that's a whole nother subject) and I'm in love again. Sooooo much better than the Isavalta books I checked out from the library (and renewed . . . twice. . because I haven't finished it) and omgomg watch the trailers, but especially this little vid on how they picked Lyra, she's so cute! and OMGOMG it's PG13! sweet! Although I know they've done all the interviews on how the plots been altered to not really explicitly bash on organized religion etc etc it's still going to have some action! I hope Iofur/Ragnok or whatever really goes get his jaw ripped off in the end, talk about a gruesome image! Anyways, I am SUPERDUPER excited to see what they've done with pretty much the best original story in FOREVER. Especially now that I've read Milton's Paradise Lost (okay, *half* of it) and you see where Pullman gets his foundations. ::gasp:: I need some swag to wear to the movie, yet alas I have none except the books! :(

www.bridgetothestars.net has all the info on the movie

speaking of gruesome things, in the past couple weeks I've had some milestones in my medical career. First was doing a gyn exam on an actual woman (scary speculums!) and then a male genital exam and prostate exam on an actual man (yes, that means I stuck my finger up his butt!) and then we watched an autopsy at the LA County Coroner's, where basically anyone who dies suspiciously in all of LA goes for autopsies. You'd have to be a little bit weird to do that all day (hint, it's not like CSI, it's more like a factory, as they have lots of "customers waiting" (as the abnormally cheery pathologist told us)) Pretty much the only good thing (besides seeing what an amazing work of art the human body is) is that at the end, when we were outside with my small group and our instructor, Arya (who always wants us to do a "hands in the middle" cheer anytime we break off) stuck his hand in the middle and said "C'mon guys" and our instructor (you have to imagine this doctor in his early 50's with a total 80's mustache and slicked back hair) puts his hand in second! We all followed, and did a little "Go team!" in front of the coroner's office. but omg, how awesome is that! Arya has a mancrush on our instructor, we've all decided. But he is awesome, so we understand :P

Avatar has me confused at the moment (and yes I've got the latest, possibly british in origin, eps) It woos me with shipping cannon, but the plot has me all mixed up. I dunno how I feel about it (besides LOVING it of course! :P )


Oh yeah, I also think Enchanted may actually be a cute movie. C'mon Alan Menken wrote the songs, it has to be AWESOME!!! (I saw a clip, and it was indeed AWESOME, complete with little animals cleaning house. Who doesn't want an army of animals to clean up for you. ::starts singing in very high sqeaky Disney Princess voice::)

PPS: Sorry for this post, studying has fried my brain and my many posts I had wanted to post in the past had to be postponed into this purulent pneumonitical post.
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Nov. 1st, 2007 @ 06:25 pm Halloween!
Happy Belated Halloween everybody! I did in fact make my HK costume, and I made James a Speed Racer one. My Ross-fu was strong, and I found a HK purse there for $5 to carry around, in addition to $4 fuzzy white slippers (probably not the best choice in retrospect for walking who knows how many miles across West Hollywood) and my aforementioned $5 dress.

But West Hollywood, omg, it was so huuuuuuge!!! It was like a con with tons of drag queens! Bands performed at certain stages, and in between people just walked up and down the street looking at costumes. People definitely recognized me, and asked for pictures! most people were like "awwwwwwww!!Hello Kitty!!!" fewer people recognized James, but those who did really liked him :) of course, then there were people in vacuformed armor, elaborate Elizabethan getups, abstract goth/horror, and the usual slew of states of undress. Pretty amazing, and even though there were a few pretty drunk people, it never felt threatening to be in such a crowd, everyone was just having fun dressing up and admiring the costumes. What a cultural experience! We must have heard about 8 different languages being spoken, it was pretty amazing. And we only spent $1 at the actual event, just for parking. The beer tents were so crowded, that it wasn't even worth checking out. Shoulda got a HK hip flask XP but it being a weeknight and all, I was content just to watch the crowd.


teehee, James looks really funny in this picture! but it's Mojo Jojo!

it goes on FOREVER!
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Oct. 27th, 2007 @ 04:40 pm Halloween Weekend
wow! 4 new Avatar eps in one day? I'm so excited! go UK broadcasts!! I actually got up at 5:30 this morning (yes, on a Saturday) because James had to leave and go take an engineering test thingy, and by that time they all had downloaded, so I had my Saturday morning cartoon marathon at like 6 am. XD

I've been kinda wishy washy about Halloween this year, as in I want to go out and do something fun, but most of the things I can think of would only be fun with a big group, and I can't think of anyone I know down here who would be willing to dress up and go to bars/West Hollywood with me. Also, the med student party might be awkward, strangers might be better. Plus the costume thing. Then yesterday I somehow decided I want to make a Hello Kitty costume, which really excited me, although considering the deadline I'd probably have to buy a white bob wig from Spirit instead of cosworx or drive to Burbank and pick up something nicer, and go to JoAnn's to get some fake fur. It has so much potential, but without somewhere definite to go, it's hard to justify spending time and money on a costume. But today I went to Ross up the street "just to get out of the apartment" and found a cute red cotton dress for $5 which was very close to what I was thinking of. . . . ^_^;; awww heck, maybe I should do it just for fun, but then I should wait until next week when everything is on sale! :P

on the other hand, if we don't go out on Halloween, then I can carve a pumpkin, watch Nightmare before Christmas, and sit by the door and wait for the one kid to come for candy. hmmmm, that versus partying with the masses in WeHo or at the Standard. . . decisions, decisions. . .
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